Interactions with
Differently-Abled Kids

We advocate for a more inclusive society by increasing awareness about children with additional needs through InDAK. In partnership with Batino Elementary School’s Special Education Center, we create educational interactive modules for their students and execute these sessions throughout the semester. 

UP Mental Health Month

From National Mental Health Week to UP Mental Health Month (UP MHM), PsychSoc has pioneered and continues to spearhead the University’s annual celebration of the Mental Health advocacy. UP MHM is now a joint cause with multiple organizations working to spread awareness through its various events. We, along with our partner organizations, produce webinars, workshops, concerts, information campaigns, communication channels, and even merchandise to promote mental health.

Psych Career Fair

Psych Career Talk is a project that aims to inform Senior High School and College students about the UPD undergraduate Psychology program and the possible career paths that stem from it. We invited guest speakers and professionals to share their insights and advice about taking up psychology. The project has since expanded to an on-ground Psych Career Fair, where we invited professionals to speak and partner organizations to set up booths.

Health Mission

The Health Mission is an annual project in PsychSoc wherein we work with the local government, doctors, health professionals, and partner pharmacies for a certain community. We hold checkups for members of the community, talks for health management and wellness, donation drives, and a free pharmacy to benefit the community.

Social Media Campaigns

#PsychSpeak and #PsychDigest are PsychSoc’s main social media information campaigns which aim to spread awareness and knowledge about various psychological concepts in everyday life. Releases for these campaigns come in various forms of media, including illustrations and captions for information.

Children's Fair

Children’s Fair is the culminating social event for the SpED students in Batino Elementary School. We set up a fairground with various booths and prepared activities for the students and the Society’s members to experience and enjoy. Whilst providing the students and members an opportunity to have fun, we also aim to raise awareness and inclusivity for kids with additional needs by having volunteers interact and be buddies with the students. 

Insight: A Psychology Conference

Insight is an annual research conference that we in PsychSoc hold as an avenue for students to showcase their research of topics within the realm of Psychology. Insight is also a stage for professionals to share their work with others. Through this flagship project, we aim to promote open discourse and innovation in the field of Psychology and make research more accessible to everyone.